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History Of The Inn

History of the Inn

The Story of our Historic Provincetown Hotel

Crowne Pointe Hotel & Spa is a beautifully restored Cape Cod estate in the heart of Provincetown, MA. For more than 100 years, this architectural gem has welcomed travelers with its charm and warm island hospitality. Retaining its architectural character, this historic Provincetown hotel is a special place that blends turn-of-the-century charm with luxury experiences. Be part of a true original.
A Provincetown Sea Captains Home Crowne Pointe Hotel and Spa

A Provincetown Sea Captain's Home

The stately mansion that is now the main house of the Crowne Pointe Hotel & Spa was built near the turn of the 19th Century for a prosperous sea captain of the Provincetown Harbor. The grand carriage houses behind the main residence, that housed local fishermen once upon a time, were constructed shortly after.
The Extensive Renovation Crowne Pointe Hotel and Spa Provincetown

The Extensive Renovation

On January 11, 1999, the Crowne Pointe team launched an elaborate restoration and full-scale renovation of the five buildings that now constitute the Crowne Pointe. With only four months until high season, all hands turned industriously to the main house for its anticipated opening in May of that year.
The clock was ticking Crowne Pointe Hotel and Spa Provincetown

The clock was ticking

Construction crews worked seven days a week, from sun up until long past sun down, to put the Crowne Pointe back together. At times, as many as 60 people were working on the restoration on one day. At the end of a shift, one painting crew would deboard the scaffolding only to let the next crew on.
Retaining Its Original Character Crowne Pointe Hotel and Spa Provincetown

Retaining Its Original Character

A team of artisans and carpenters meticulously saved key architectural remnants of the original buildings, then pieced them back together. The original details were artfully blended with the new period-inspired renovation. Often it was necessary to re-create, on site, the building's original character, copying designs as they were found. 
No stone was left unturned Crowne Pointe Hotel and Spa Provincetown

No stone was left unturned

The renovation was all about the details, including paint colors, authentic wallpapers and garden flowers. From the carefully restored banister of the parlor staircase, to the graceful coffered tin and wood moldings, to the antique belt-driven fans on the newly expanded two-story front porch, we made sure this landmark retained its turn-of-the century character.
A Dream Realized Crowne Pointe Hotel and Spa Provincetown

A Dream Realized

The Crowne Pointe Family welcomes you to enjoy the culmination of their dream. Whether you come in the summer for the sand and surf of the nearby beaches and harbor, or prefer to enjoy the charm and history of Provincetown any time of year, your stay at Crowne Pointe will be an unforgettable experience. Experience a true Provincetown landmark with good friends, good food, and cherished memories.